10 reasons why you should not visit Bali

If you have a plan for visiting the Bali Island, I think that you should cancel your plan. Why? Is it Bali bad place for tourism? Of course not, but I am afraid that when you have visited Bali island, you do not want to back to your home anymore because there are  a lot of beautiful places and attractions which can be found in Bali and make the tourists both local and international tourists visiting Bali multiple times. When it comes to Bali, you will find many things which can make you visiting this island more and more. Here are the reasons which make you visiting Bali taken from miner8.

Beautiful Beaches

The first reason why you should visit this island is a lot of beautiful beaches across the Bali island. One of the appealing factors which make millions tourists both domestic and foreign tourists is the existence of beautiful beaches. In Bali, there are many beaches which can be visited, such as: Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, and the others. If you want to have the water sport, like surfing, you can visit the Kuta beach where there are many facilities which enable you to have a great surfing experience.

Suluban Beach, Uluwatu 

Green Paddy Fields

Another reason why you should visit this island is the existence of green paddy fields which can be found in Bali, especially in Tabanan Bali. There are lots of paddy fields which deliver the pleasing sights for you. If you want to escape from the crowded city, seeing the paddy field can be the best choice.


Jatiluwih Rice Field

Humble Local Citizens

Besides the beautiful panorama, another factor why you should visit Bali is local citizens which are so humble and kind toward the tourists. The local citizens will help the tourists if they need a help. If you are lost when visiting Bali, do not hesitate for asking the local citizens.

anak anak bali

Traditional Ceremony

Excellent Accommodations

When it comes to the accommodations, Bali comes with a wide range of accommodations. There are many types of hotel, hostel, motel and the others which come with a variety of different costs.  When it comes to transportation, Bali also has the great transportation which makes the tourists easy to go.


Natura Resort, Ubud

Special Foods

Another reason why you should go in Bali is special foods which can be found when you visit Bali. You can go to Jimbaran to have the special menu of seafoods. In there, you can also find the other types of foods.

kuliner sari organik

Sari Organic, Ubud

Water Sports

The existence of various water sports also belongs to one of the reason why you should visit Bali. There are banana boat, flying board, rafting, snorkeling, surfing and the other water sports which can be found there.

canggu surf

Surfing, Canggu

Pleasing Cafe

There are also many kinds of café which can be visited when you want to have the great night life. Most of the café are also entertained by the music performances.

jungle umalas

Jungle Cafe, Umalas

Cultural and Historical sites

Besides the great natural panorama, you can also visit many places which offer both cultural and historical sites. There are many Balinese temples which can be found in this island of Goddess.


Pura Tirta Empul, Tampaksiring

Affordable Market

When you want to buy something special from Bali, you can go in the traditional markets which sell a wide range of Balinese gifts which can be given for your loved ones. The stuffs can be bought with the affordable prices.


Pasar Seni, Ubud

Excellent Night Life

The last but not least reason why you should visit Bali is the excellent night life which can be found there. You can find either traditional or modern performance along the KUta beach and the other places.


Bali Night Life, Seminyak


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