Things to Do in Ubud

Bali is not all about beaches, water sports, and nightlife. If you want to get a peaceful area and get away from the city crowd, the Ubud Bali can be the best choice for you during the holiday. There are so many tourist attractions in Ubud that are worth to visit. Therefore, when you decide to spend your holiday in Bali, you must visit Ubud that is located on the northern side of Denpasar. There are so many things to do in Ubud that you should not miss when you visit Ubud. You can choose one of the things to do in Ubud below to make your day more spectacular.

Join the Biking Activity

There are so many tour packages that offer biking activity in Ubud where the route is through some villages, rice fields, and even you can head to Kintamani. Check our tour package here. However, this biking tour package is quite expensive including the tour guide service. You just need to go with other groups to ride your bike and follow the route determined. By joining this biking activity, your holiday will be so much fun because you can see every corner of beautiful Ubud. If you feel tired, then you can take a rest in a small food stall around the road and enjoy some drinks and foods there.

Explore the Culinary of Bali

There are so many food stalls or restaurants available in Ubud Bali. Perhaps, this can be your best thing to do in Ubud where you can explore the culinary of Nusantara in Ubud. If you want to enjoy the typical meals of Indonesia, Ubud will provide it for you. If you are vegetarian, you can also find some vegetarian restaurants around the street. This can be your best moment to enjoy your favorite meals because the meals are cooked by professional local chefs. You can also choose the cheap restaurant if you do not have enough money or choose the expensive one for the best restaurant.

Visit the Artwork Gallery and Museum

Ubud has so many artwork galleries and some museums such as Antonio Blanco Museum, Neka Art Museum, Seni Agung Rai Museum, and much more. You have to find out the open schedule of the museum because each museum has its own open hour. There are so many artworks in the museums that are created by the Bali artists. Moreover, you can also buy some artworks that are offered in some shops as souvenirs. So, Ubud can be your best location to hunt some souvenirs before you return to your country.

Join Yoga Activity

If you love Yoga, then Ubud can also be the best location to do it. This can be your next thing to do in Ubud before you get back to your hometown. You can join some Yoga activities available in some locations like in hotels or other places. This activity will make your body fresh and relax after exploring some attractions in Ubud. You are not alone because there are so many visitors who also join this Yoga activity.

Watch Dance Performances

The last thing to do in Ubud before you go to other destinations is watching dance performances. There are some popular dance performances that are performed by the local dancers like Kecak dance and Pendet dance. Ubud is the heaven for those who want to watch the most spectacular dance show in Bali. If you visit Bali, then you have to go to Ubud to watch the best Kecak and Pendet dance. There are so many foreign tourists who visit Ubud because they really want to watch these two dance performances. So, it is your time to enjoy your day in Ubud while watching the Bali dances.


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