Bali is one of the best surf spot in the world with plenty of beautiful beaches, various of wave character, great weather and warm water temperatures. Bali also is an ideal place to learn how to surf because there are a lot of surf breaks here to suit beginners. So while you are in bali this is the best thing to do learn how to surf and be a surfer.


  • Free pick up & drop off
  • Quality surfboards & equipment
  • Sun Protecting rashguards
  • Welcoming Drinks
  • Insurance coverage
  • Experience Coach

Lesson Time: (following the tide)

Mornings         : 9.00 – 11.30 AM
Afternoon       : 1.00 – 3.30 PM


Beginner Lesson 1 (Half day lesson)

This introduction course covers all the necessary theory about the basic of surfing, sefety essentials, suft awwarenes, board characteristics, paddling, standing up, and last but not least you practice in the water and catch your first small waves.

Price: USD 45

Beginner Lesson 2 (2 days lesson)

We take you a step forward at your very own peace and help you to, become more confident on the board, develop techniques, board control and turning.

Price: USD 85

Beginner Lesson 3 (3 days lesson)

In this course you will learn about how to read the surf such as observing the sets, timing the paddle out and techniques on how to get through the surf out to the back.

Price: USD 122

Beginner Lesson 4 (4 days lesson)

This course will see you paddling through the surf out to the back (subject to surf) packing the right wave, timming you take off and experience riding accros on unbroken wave.

Price: USD 155


  • The rates above is per person and minimum 2 participant
  • Privat lesson (1 person) will charge in different rates
  • Lesson for Kids will charge in different rates
  • More than 2 participant will get discount




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